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Hellfire - A Diablo Expansion Pack

The Hellfire expansion Pack for Diablo is pretty cool. It adds new weapons, a new character class, new levels, new areas, a couple of new spells, and a bunch of new items. The only problem is that it is single player.
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Front Page Sports - Golf
From the designers of Links and Links 386 comes a great golf simulation. Read the review and get the details.

Test Drive - Off Road
Ever think about racing a Hummer, Land Rover, Jeep Wrangler, or a Chevy K1500 over a wide variety of terrains? Test Drive - Off Road gives you that chance.
SNEAK PEEK - Obsidian
The year is 2066, pollution has destroyed the planet. You have created a satellite to fix the problem using nanotechnology. You and your partner Max have decided to take a long needed vacation. That is where all of the fun starts.
SNEAK PEEK - Dark Reign
In the 27th century water is more precious than gold. The Imperium, with sole control of this scarce resource, commands the fate of a thousand worlds. You must stop the chaos.
SNEAK PEEK - Betrayal in Antara
The demo for Betrayal in Antara has arrived, and it has a lot of the same gameplay as Betrayal at Krondor. Except better graphics. Also check out
Return to Krondor
Download the Complete Version of Betrayal At Krondor!!!
Red Alert: Counterstrike
The sequel (really just additional maps) to Red Alert is better than the orignal.
Cavedog Entertainment Announces: TOTAL ANNIHILATION
A real-time strategy game due out in October with true 3D terrain, run-time 3D units plus an ongoing supply of unique downloadable 3D vehicles, buildings, missions and maps.
SNEAK PEEK - Fallout
You have survived an Atomic Explosion, but can you survive the fallout in the Role Playing Game from Interplay.
Shadow Warrior is finally here!!
Play Lo Wang, Ninja, assassin, Shadow Warrior, and kick some ass. The New 3D Shooter from 3D Realms based on the Build Engine.
British Open Golf
This new golf game from Looking Glass Technology, has all of the bells and whistles. Jim McKay announcing, multiple golf pros, fully customizable.
BLOOD...Available Now!!
And we have added a ton of information, including a review of the final full version.
OUTLAWS - Dyin's too good for 'em!
Outlaws chronicles the exploits of gun-slinging Marshall James Anderson, in his battle to seek revenge for the murder of his wife, and the kidnapping of his daughter.
Computer Golf Roundup! We have rounded up three of the most serious Golf Simulators and one that doesn't take itself so seriously and put them through there paces, check out our findings. Links LS, Jack Nicklaus 4, Sim Golf, and 3D Ultra Mini Golf
Lords of the Realm II
Ever want to be a King, so does everybody else in Sierra Onlines latest release. You must defeat your opponents in a battle of wit and force.
Heroes of Might and Magic II
Heroes is a mix between a strategy game and a role playing game taking the best from both. You live in the king of Enroth were King Ironfist has just passed away and everybody wants the crown...Good Luck!
SNEAK PEEK - Captain Claw
Captain Claw the arcade-style family action arcade game from Monolith Productions. Outstanding features include 64 networked players, 1280 x 1024 resolution, online high scoreboard, and much more! Check out the cheat codes!
X-wings, Jedis, Rebellions, and fuzzy green critters oh my.
They are here, screen shots, information, and links to the latest group of Star Wars games. These are the best games to come out of the Star Wars Universe.

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